Coast Chimes Wind Chimes

Embark on a harmonious journey with artist Tim Kline, whose passion for capturing the serene beauty of the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada, has manifested in exquisite handcrafted wind chimes that stand as a testament to over three decades of artistic wind chime mastery.

Tim uses copper, brass, beach stones, sea glass, and cedar to craft unparalleled wind chime art that seamlessly combines aesthetic beauty, soothing sound, and exceptional durability.

Enjoy free shipping to the USA and Canada, a complete satisfaction guarantee, and let the enchantment of Tim Kline's creations resonate in your surroundings

  • Designed to Last

    Handmade copper hardware: no strings to break, no nylon to break down from UV.

  • Beach Stone Clapper

    Every copper wind chime has a real beach stone clapper, producing a very pleasant sound.

  • Handmade Brass Chimes

    Small chimes designed to last. They provide a gentle reminder to look, with their soft sound.

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