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Coast Chimes

Coast Chimes 535 Woodland Avenue, Gibsons, BC, Canada

The studio and workshop are located at 535 Woodland Avenue, Gibsons, BC, Canada. Visitors are very welcome to the studio, where they can see some of the processes used by Tim to make his works. While Tim is typically working from early morning until late afternoon, he does go out for a daily hike, or sometimes takes a day off: it is recommended you phone to make sure the studio will be open for your visit (604-229-5560).

Tim keeps the US dollar amount from the website, but he does not add the exchange, so studio purchasers save about 30% these days (i.e., if an item is $100 US on the website, the in studio charge is $100 Canadian).

Everything on the website (and more!) is available at the studio.

Coast Chimes studio, Gibsons, BC


Map, Coast Chimes, Gibsons, BC, Canada