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Coast Chimes

Accent Atmosphere Lamp Home, Garden, Deck

Accent Atmosphere Lamp Home, Garden, Deck

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Eye-catching cedar and glass atmosphere light may be used indoors or outdoors. A simply beautiful design.

30 feet of 100 warm white LED lights loosely trapped in a well constructed cedar and thick glass box. The top of the box is easily removed to arrange the lights just as you like, and the plate glass slips out should you ever wish to clean the glass. Plug in lights with a 7 foot clear cord— no batteries to mess with —14 volt converter included, standard US / Canadian plug. Each light has been hand-dyed a warm yellow. For outdoor use, a GFCI outlet is mandated.

Ideal bedside lamp, bathroom night light, living room atmosphere light, garden light.

14 inches high, 8 X 8 inches wide. Total weight about 7.5 pounds.

LED lights are very long lasting and dependable typically lasting over 50,000 hours. Replacement lights / converters are available for $25 (warm white) $35 (dyed yellow), email for details.

● completely handcrafted
● exceptional materials and design
● 100 warm white lights, 14 volt converter with a 7 foot clear cord included, rated for 50,000 hours of use
● option to buy replacement lights
● indoor or outdoor use
● cedar treated with an exceptional Eco-tung oil finish
● ideal bedside, bathroom, living room, garden, deck
● extra-thick plate glass (6mm / 1/4 inch)
● made in North America by an artist with over 25 years of design experience
● signed by the artist
● satisfaction is guaranteed
● fast, free shipping to the USA and Canada

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