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Coast Chimes

Wind Chime 7 Chimes Copper Wedding Anniversary Handcrafted Windchimes

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This wind chime measures 35 inches long from the top of the copper hook to the bottom of the hammered copper windsail.

This wind chime is perfect for a 7th anniversary (copper) gift, or for any lover of beauty.

The 7 handcrafted copper chimes have a beautiful finish- the finish is not paint: it will not flake or peel, it will darken over time.

The beach stone clapper produces sweet sound against the copper. The longest chime is 18.5 inches, the shortest is 12.5 inches.

This chime is suitable for year round outdoor use.

● completely handcrafted
● exceptional materials and design
● handmade copper chimes treated with a reactive, not paint or polish: this finish will not wear off or peal
● handmade copper hook
● no string or fishing line: all copper wire
● solid hammered copper windsail, also treated with a reactive
● very well suited for year round outdoor use in all climates
● made in North America by an artist with over 25 years of wind chime design experience
● signed by the artist
● satisfaction is guaranteed

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