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Wind Chime Sea Beach Glass - Brass Chimes - Kaleidoscope of Color - Calm Sound

Wind Chime Sea Beach Glass - Brass Chimes - Kaleidoscope of Color - Calm Sound

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This charming wind chime is magnificent; when the sun shines through the artist-made beach sea glass, you are treated to a kaleidoscope of color!

This wind chime measures about 27 inches long from the top of the copper hanger to the bottom of the genuine brass chimes. The diamond box frame measures 7 X 7 inches diagonally (5 X 5 inches square). It has been treated with an exceptional oil finish for excellent durablity.

The beach glass morsels are loosely trapped (they can be shaken about) between 2 plates of thick glass. As a finishing touch, there is a blue artist-made sea glass copper wrapped piece beneath the box frame.

The 3 chimes are cut from real brass. They are polished and treated with a reactive-- not paint: this finish will not chip or peel or fade. They are 7, 6, and 5 inches long. They are attached to the handmade copper hanger with 21 strand nylon coated stainless steel wire and sterling silver (no rush) crimps. The small chimes produce gentle, soothing tones when a breeze causes them to touch each other. Calming sound.

Fantastic in the yard, garden, on the porch, deck, patio, or to enhance any outdoor space. A great house warming, anniversary gift, birthday present, or for anyone who appreciates handmade beauty and durability.

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