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Memorial Wind Chime 7 Copper Chimes Large Outdoor

Memorial Wind Chime 7 Copper Chimes Large Outdoor

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Enhance the serenity of your outdoor space with this exquisitely crafted copper wind chime; a thoughtful, excellent, and fitting memorial gift. Its profound beauty and natural allure make it an ideal choice for a memorial gift, or for anyone who appreciates the beauty of handcrafted copper.

Measuring approximately 33 inches in length, from the top of the handcrafted copper hook to the bottom of the polished copper windsail, this wind chime embodies the essence of artistic mastery.

This wind chime features seven real copper chimes with a stunning finish that will never flake or peel. Designed for year-round outdoor use in any climate, this wind chime has a gentle and soothing sound as the beach stone clapper taps the copper chimes. The chimes vary in length, with the longest measuring 18.5 inches and the shortest measuring 12.5 inches.

Every element of this wind chime is meticulously handcrafted by a skilled artist with over three decades of experience in wind chime design. From the handmade hook to all the accompanying hardware, this exceptional piece is meticulously fashioned from genuine copper, ensuring both durability and longevity. Each wind chime is personally signed by the artist and backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

You may request free engraving on the side of the longest chime. The artist needs to use his handheld high-speed drill with a fine diamond ball bit, which is awkward for printing, but he has done a lot of engraving, and everyone seems happy with what he manages. Short engravings work best.

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