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Wind Chime 5 Copper Chimes Large Handcrafted Outdoor Windchimes

Wind Chime 5 Copper Chimes Large Handcrafted Outdoor Windchimes

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This wind chime adds beauty to any outdoor space. Measuring about 31 inches in length, this handcrafted piece features 5 stunning copper chimes with a finish that never flake or peel. The beach stone clapper produces a gentle, soothing sound when it touches the copper, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

This wind chime is made with the highest quality materials, including  handmade copper hardware. It's crafted by an artist with over 30 years of experience in wind chime design. It's suitable for year-round outdoor use in all climates, so you can enjoy it any time of the year.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and you'll receive free shipping to the USA and Canada.

Free engraving available on the side of the longest wind chime. Short engravings are recommended.

Other styles of copper wind chime:

7 chimes hammered copper windsail

7 chimes polished copper windsail (non-hammered)

7 chimes oiled cedar windsail

5 chimes polished (non-hammered) copper windsail

5 chimes hammered copper windsail

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