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Wind Chime Driftwood, Beach Stones, 7 Copper Chimes Outdoor

Wind Chime Driftwood, Beach Stones, 7 Copper Chimes Outdoor

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The natural beauty of this Pacific beach stone and driftwood wind chime is a true masterpiece for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts, and all lovers of beauty. It is designed to be both gorgeous and durable.

Measuring an impressive 44 inches long, this wind chime features a 24 inch wide section of driftwood and a rounded beach stone, selected from a local beach. The stone is large, smooth, and rounded, while the driftwood exudes rugged beauty that only the Pacific coast can offer. The stone and driftwood are drilled and strung on a strong copper wire, ensuring that they'll last for years to come.

The 7 handcrafted copper chimes feature a gorgeous finish, achieved through a reactive process that guarantees they won't peel or flake. And the beach stone clapper creates a soothing sound against the copper chimes, which range in length from 18.5 to 12.5 inches.

This wind chime is suitable for year-round outdoor use in any climate. All the hardware is handmade from real copper.

The cedar roundel is another special touch, treated with a wonderful oil finish, ensuring it won't delaminate like the plywood most wind chimes are made from.

This wind chime is made in Canada by an artist with over 30 years of wind chime design experience and comes signed by the artist. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and shipping is free, fast, and expertly handled for all orders to the USA and Canada.

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